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Kermani, Faiz - Marketing and Public Relations in Clinical Research, ebook

Marketing and Public Relations in Clinical Research

Kermani, Faiz


Marketing and PR are essential parts of the pharmaceutical industry and its associated sectors. As an industry, we would be unable to operate without creativity and innovation where marketing and PR ensure that products are placed on the market and become…

Harrison, Rachel - Management and Leadership Essentials, ebook

Management and Leadership Essentials

Harrison, Rachel


Rachel Harrison has worked as a trainer and consultant in clinical research for a number of years throughout Europe. She has written chapters that can be read on their own, although reading the book cover to cover should give you

Abram, Mario - Systemics of Emergence: Research and Development, ebook

Systemics of Emergence: Research and Development

Abram, Mario


Disablement, Assistive Technologies and Computer Accessibility: Hints of Analysis Through a Clinical Approach Based on the ICF Model
Carmelo Masala, Donatella Rita Petretto
13. Chaos and Cultural Fashions
Sergio Benvenuto
3. Cognitive Science

Fink, Andreas - Operations Research Proceedings 2016, ebook

Operations Research Proceedings 2016

Fink, Andreas


Table of contents
Part I. Dissertation Prizes
1. An Optimal Expansion Strategy for the German Railway Network Until 2030
Andreas Bärmann
2. On- and Offline Scheduling of Bidirectional Traffic
Elisabeth Lübbecke
3. Integrated Segmentation of Supply and Demand with Service Differentiation

Zaric, Gregory S. - Operations Research and Health Care Policy, ebook

Operations Research and Health Care Policy

Zaric, Gregory S.


Project Management Approach to Implement Clinical Pathways: An Example for Thyroidectomy
Yasar A. Ozcan, Elena Tànfani, Angela Testi
6. EMS Planning and Management
Armann Ingolfsson
7. Impact of Inpatient Reimbursement Systems on Hospital Performance:

Hall, Randolph - Patient Flow, ebook

Patient Flow

Hall, Randolph


Hospitals and Clinical Facilities, Processes, and Design for Patient Flow
Michael Williams
Part II. Crowding and the Consequences of Delay
4. Emergency Department Crowding: The Nature of the Problem and Why It Matters
Kirk Jensen
5. The Consequences