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Scott, Bruce R. - Capitalism, ebook


Scott, Bruce R.


Creating Capitalism in Europe, 1400–1820
Bruce R. Scott
6. From Feudalism to Oligarchy in Latin America, 1500–1830
Bruce R. Scott
7. Creating Capitalism and Democracy in the United States, 1630–1830

Crouch, Colin - Making Capitalism Fit For Society, ebook

Making Capitalism Fit For Society

Crouch, Colin

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Capitalism is the only complex system known to us that can provide an efficient and innovative economy, but the financial crisis has brought out the pernicious side of capitalism and shown that it remains dependent on the state to rescue it from its

Scott, Bruce R. - The Concept of Capitalism, ebook

The Concept of Capitalism

Scott, Bruce R.


Some Current Conceptions of Capitalism: Discussion and Critique
4. My Conception of Capitalism
5. Political Authority Shapes Capitalism with Visible Human Agency
6. The Political and Economic Systems are Interdependent

Doogan, Kevin - New Capitalism?, ebook

New Capitalism?

Doogan, Kevin

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The so-called ‘new capitalism’ is said to be the result of these profound changes.
Kevin Doogan takes issue with these widely-accepted ideas and subjects the transformation of work to detailed examination through a comprehensive analysis of developments in