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Dunis, Christian L. - Artificial Intelligence in Financial Markets, ebook

Artificial Intelligence in Financial Markets

Dunis, Christian L.


A Review of Artificially Intelligent Applications in the Financial Domain
Swapnaja Gadre-Patwardhan, Vivek V. Katdare, Manish R. Joshi
Part II. Financial Forecasting and Trading
2. Trading the FTSE100 Index: ‘Adaptive’ Modelling and Optimization Techniques

Leitner, Stephan - Artificial Economics and Self Organization, ebook

Artificial Economics and Self Organization

Leitner, Stephan


Table of contents
Part I. Methodological Issues
1. The Missing Link: AB Models and Dynamic Microsimulation
Matteo Richiardi
2. Simulation Experiments and Significance Tests
Klaus G. Troitzsch
Part II. Macroeconomics
3. A Stylized…

Hauser, Florian - Complexity and Artificial Markets, ebook

Complexity and Artificial Markets

Hauser, Florian


Zero-Intelligence Trading Without Resampling
Marco LiCalzi, Paolo Pellizzari
2. Understanding the Price Dynamics of a Real Market Using Simulations: The Dutch Auction of the Pescara Wholesale Fish Market
Gianfranco Giulioni, Edgardo Bucciarelli
3. Market

Calzi, Marco Li - Progress in Artificial Economics, ebook

Progress in Artificial Economics

Calzi, Marco Li


Agent’s Minimal Intelligence Calibration for Realistic Market Dynamics
Iryna Veryzhenko, Olivier Brandouy, Philippe Mathieu
2. Trading on Marginal Information
Florian Hauser, Bob Kaempff
3. Stylized Facts Study through a Multi-Agent Based Simulation

Portmann, Edy - The FORA Framework, ebook

The FORA Framework

Portmann, Edy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Edy Portmann
2. The Social Semantic Web
Edy Portmann
3. Fundamentals of Fuzzy Clustering Methods
Edy Portmann
4. Online Reputation Analysis
Edy Portmann
5. Requirements for Online Reputation…