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Jallow, Baba G. - Leadership in Colonial Africa, ebook

Leadership in Colonial Africa

Jallow, Baba G.


The Diplomatic Achievements of Amilcar Cabral: A Case Study of Effective Leadership in a Small African State
David Fistein
5. The Warrior and the Wizard: The Leadership Styles of Josiah Tongogara and Robert Mugabe during Zimbabwe’s Liberation Struggle

Bhandari, Amit K. - Microfinance, Risk-taking Behaviour and Rural Livelihood, ebook

Microfinance, Risk-taking Behaviour and Rural Livelihood

Bhandari, Amit K.


Table of contents
1. Structural Transformation of Rural Finance in India: A Critical Review
Sreelata Biswas, Anup Kumar Saha
2. Risk-taking Behaviour in Financial Decision Making: A Village-Level Study
Amit K. Bhandari, Ashok Kundu
3. Impacts of Caste, Risk, and Time Preference on Borrowing Behaviour: A Case

Yuan, Yiming - Studies on China's Special Economic Zones, ebook

Studies on China's Special Economic Zones

Yuan, Yiming


The Course, Achievements and Inspirations of the Reform and Opening-Up of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone
Zhong Jian
4. Progressive Advancement of China’s Opening Up
Wang Zixian
5. Shenzhen’s Economy in the Context of China’s Changing Growth