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Daudelin, Jean - Illegal Markets, Violence, and Inequality, ebook

Illegal Markets, Violence, and Inequality

Daudelin, Jean


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Drug Markets and Violence in Recife, Brazil
Jean Daudelin, José Luiz Ratton
2. Islands of Peace: Middle-Class Drug Markets
Jean Daudelin, José Luiz Ratton
3. Crack: Micromechanics of a Dysfunctional…

Libman, Alexander - Eurasian Integration, ebook

Eurasian Integration

Libman, Alexander


’shadow Integration’: Trafficking of Drugs, People and Arms, and the Effects of Microbes and Epidemics
Evgeny Vinokurov, Alexander Libman
Part V. Formal Intergovernmental Cooperation
12. Variations between Political Systems
Evgeny Vinokurov, Alexander

Borjas, George J. - Poverty, International Migration and Asylum, ebook

Poverty, International Migration and Asylum

Borjas, George J.


Illegal Immigration, Human Trafficking and Organized Crime
Raimo Väyrynen
8. Migration, Remittances and Growth
Riccardo Faini
9. If People were Money
Jonathon W. Moses, Bjørn Letnes
10. Efficiency Gains from the Elimination of Global Restrictions

Roy, Malabika - International Trade and International Finance, ebook

International Trade and International Finance

Roy, Malabika


Smuggling and Trafficking of Workers: A Brief Review and Analysis of the Economics of Illegal Migration
Saibal Kar
15. Impact of Trade Restriction on Child Labour Supply and the Role of Parents’ Utility Function: A Two Sector General Equilibrium Analysis