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Baglioni, Angelo - The European Banking Union, ebook

The European Banking Union

Baglioni, Angelo


Three Reasons for the European Banking Union
Angelo Baglioni
3. The Single Supervisory Mechanism
Angelo Baglioni
4. The Comprehensive Assessment
Angelo Baglioni
5. The Single Resolution Mechanism
Angelo Baglioni
6. The Missing Pillar:

Zatzman, Gary - Sustainable Energy Pricing, ebook

Sustainable Energy Pricing

Zatzman, Gary


However, for reasons explored in this book, although none of the existing economic development models fit this sector in the past and apply even less today, no satisfactory alternative has presented itself.  This book highlights the important reasons

Clayton, Mike - The Influence Agenda, ebook

The Influence Agenda

Clayton, Mike


A Dozen Reasons Why You’re Wrong: Handling Resistance
Mike Clayton
10. Your Influence Agenda: Campaign Planning
Mike Clayton
11. Making it Work: Campaign Management
Mike Clayton
12. A Call to Action
Mike Clayton