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Schmölders, Günter - The Psychology of Money and Public Finance, ebook

The Psychology of Money and Public Finance

Schmölders, Günter


Table of contents
1. Günter Schmölders and Economic Psychology: an Introduction
Björn Frank, Erich Kirchler
2. Economic Psychology
Günter Schmölders
3. The Private Household
Günter Schmölders
4. The Entrepreneur
Günter Schmölders
5. Psychology of Taxation and Public Finance

Backhaus, Jürgen G. - Handbook of Public Finance, ebook

Handbook of Public Finance

Backhaus, Jürgen G.


Society, State, and Public Finance: Setting the Analytical Stage
Jürgen G. Backhaus, Richard E. Wagner
2. Welfare Economics and Public Finance
Russell S. Sobel
3. Fiscal Contitutionalism
Geoffrey Brennan,

Larsson, Mats - Finance and the Welfare State, ebook

Finance and the Welfare State

Larsson, Mats


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mats Larsson, Gabriel Söderberg
2. The Transition from the Classical Regime to the Statist Regime: 1900–1950
Mats Larsson, Gabriel Söderberg
3. The Introduction of the Riksbank Regulation: 1950–1955
Mats Larsson, Gabriel Söderberg
4. Tensions Mount in the Statist

Silver, Nick - Finance, Society and Sustainability, ebook

Finance, Society and Sustainability

Silver, Nick


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nick Silver
2. Dramatis Personae
Nick Silver
3. The Potemkin Market
Nick Silver
4. The Sisyphus Savings System
Nick Silver
5. La Grande Illusion
Nick Silver
6. A Kind of Magic

Pereira, Richard - Financing Basic Income, ebook

Financing Basic Income

Pereira, Richard


Introduction: Financing Approaches to Basic Income
Richard Pereira
Part 1. Foundations for a Basic Income Guarantee
2. The Cost of Universal Basic Income: Public Savings and Programme Redundancy Exceed Cost