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Klasen, Stephan - Vulnerability to Poverty, ebook

Vulnerability to Poverty

Klasen, Stephan


Mapping Vulnerability: Extending Static Poverty Maps for Vietnam
Tobias Lechtenfeld
6. Rural—Rural Differences in Vietnamese Pro-Poor Growth: Does Households’ Income Composition Make a Difference?
Kai Mausch, Javier Revilla Diez, Rainer Klump

McGillivray, Mark - Inequality, Poverty and Well-being, ebook

Inequality, Poverty and Well-being

McGillivray, Mark


Social Groups and Economic Poverty: A Problem in Measurement
S. Subramanian
8. Intersociety Literacy Comparisons
Satya R. Chakravarty, Amita Majumder
9. The Human Development Index Adjusted for Efficient Resource Utilization
F. J. Arcelus, Basu

Shiraishi, Takashi - Poverty Reduction and Beyond, ebook

Poverty Reduction and Beyond

Shiraishi, Takashi


Reducing Poverty through Innovation
Shahid Yusuf
4. Industrialization cum Poverty Reduction: The Cases of Bangladesh and Cambodia
Tatsufumi Yamagata
5. The Pledge to End Poverty:

Borjas, George J. - Poverty, International Migration and Asylum, ebook

Poverty, International Migration and Asylum

Borjas, George J.


A Tale of Two Countries: Poverty and Income Distribution Among Immigrants in Denmark and Sweden Since 1984
Kræn Blume, Björn Gustafsson, Peder J. Pedersen, Mette Verner
16. Iraqi Asylum Migrants in Jordan: Conditions, Religious Networks and the Smuggling

Karnani, Aneel - Fighting Poverty Together, ebook

Fighting Poverty Together

Karnani, Aneel


Table of contents
1. Fighting Poverty
Aneel Karnani
Part I. Failure of the Libertarian Approach
2. Microcredit Misses Its Mark
Aneel Karnani
3. Mirage at the Base of the Pyramid
Aneel Karnani
4. Romanticizing the Poor

Kakwani, Nanak - The Many Dimensions of Poverty, ebook

The Many Dimensions of Poverty

Kakwani, Nanak


Multidimensional Poverty: Conceptual and Measurement Issues
Erik Thorbecke
2. Measuring Poverty: The Case for a Sociological Approach
David B. Grusky, Kim A. Weeden
3. Poverty Counts: Living with Poverty

Bhalla, A. S. - Poverty Among Immigrant Children in Europe, ebook

Poverty Among Immigrant Children in Europe

Bhalla, A. S.


Table of contents
1. Child Poverty and Well-Being
A. S. Bhalla, Peter McCormick
2. Immigrant Child Poverty in Europe
A. S. Bhalla, Peter McCormick
3. The European Immigration Debate
A. S. Bhalla, Peter McCormick
4. Immigrant Child Poverty in Switzerland
A. S. Bhalla, Peter McCormick
5. Immigrant