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Lunde, Jens - Milestones in European Housing Finance, ebook

Milestones in European Housing Finance

Lunde, Jens


This book provides evidence on how housing finance markets developed across Europe. The objective of the text is to bring together up to date material from across Europe which will help to clarify (i) how national housing finance markets have dealt with…

Arestis, Philip - The Euro Crisis, ebook

The Euro Crisis

Arestis, Philip


Table of contents
1. Can the Euro Survive after the European Crisis?
Philip Arestis, Malcolm Sawyer
2. The European Financial and Economic Crisis: Alternative Solutions from a (Post-)Keynesian Perspective
Eckhard Hein, Achim Truger, Till Treeck
3. Debt Sustainability Revisited
Yannis A. Monogios, Panagiotis

Győrffy, Dóra - Trust and Crisis Management in the European Union, ebook

Trust and Crisis Management in the European Union

Győrffy, Dóra


Table of contents
1. Understanding Success and Failure in Financial Crisis Management
Dóra Győrffy
2. A Bird’s-Eye View of Crisis Management in the Euro-Zone
Dóra Győrffy
3. Trust and Crisis Management
Dóra Győrffy
4. Institutional Capacities and Crisis Management in Greece and Ireland

Welfens, Paul J.J. - Financial Market Integration and Growth, ebook

Financial Market Integration and Growth

Welfens, Paul J.J.


The Financial System in Spain and Portugal: Institutions and Structure of the Market
Antonia Calvo Hornero, Ignacio Garrido Sánchez
7. Corporate Governance and the ‘Hybridisation’ of Financial Sectors
Andy Mullineux
8. Different Modes of Foreign

Boscia, Vittorio - Cooperative Banking in Europe, ebook

Cooperative Banking in Europe

Boscia, Vittorio


The Cooperative Banking System in Portugal: The Case of Credito Agricola Mutuo Group
Valeria Stefanelli
3. The Cooperative Banking System in Spain
Valeria Stefanelli
4. The Cooperative Banking System in France
Pietro Marchetti, Arianna Sabetta

Monsálvez, José Manuel Pastor - Modern Bank Behaviour, ebook

Modern Bank Behaviour

Monsálvez, José Manuel Pastor


Table of contents
1. Introduction
José Manuel Pastor Monsdlvez, Juan Fernández Guevara Radoselovics
2. The Mis-selling of Payments Protection Insurance in Mortgage and Unsecured Lending Markets
John K. Ashton, Robert S. Hudson
3. The Relationship between Mortgage Credit and Property Prices: The Chinese Case

Gabaldon, Patricia - Gender Diversity in the Boardroom, ebook

Gender Diversity in the Boardroom

Gabaldon, Patricia


Table of contents
1. Setting the Scene: Women on Boards: The Multiple Approaches Beyond Quotas
Heike Mensi-Klarbach, Cathrine Seierstad, Patricia Gabaldon
2. UK: The Merits and Shortcomings of a Voluntary Approach
Elena Doldor
3. Portugal: The Slow Progress of the Regulatory Framework
Sara Falcão Casaca