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McCarthy, Quinn - Police Leadership, ebook

Police Leadership

McCarthy, Quinn


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Quinn McCarthy
Part I. The Individual as a Leader
2. Why We Need a New Approach
Quinn McCarthy
3. The Principles of Leadership
Quinn McCarthy
4. The CORE Leadership Model
Quinn McCarthy
5. Competency in Leadership
Quinn McCarthy
6. Organizational

Fevyer, W.H. - Acts of Gallantry - Volume 3, ebook

Acts of Gallantry - Volume 3

Fevyer, W.H.


The Royale Humane Society was founded in 1774 and, since that date, has awarded more than 12,5OO medals for gallantry in saving life. In 1872 a partial listing of silver and gold medal citations was published by Lampton Young under the title of Acts of…

Beck, Adrian - New Loss Prevention, ebook

New Loss Prevention

Beck, Adrian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Adrian Beck, Colin Peacock
2. Retailing and Shrinkage in Context
Adrian Beck, Colin Peacock
3. Defining Shrinkage
Adrian Beck, Colin Peacock
4. Scale and Extent of the Problem
Adrian Beck,…

Tickner, Peter - The Successful Frauditor's Casebook, ebook

The Successful Frauditor's Casebook

Tickner, Peter


Learn what works well and avoid the pitfalls in the real world of fraud detection and fraud investigation
This casebook reveals how frauds and fraudsters were discovered—and delves into the investigations that followed. Each chapter covers a…

Miao, Lu - International Migration of China, ebook

International Migration of China

Miao, Lu


Evolution of China’s Immigration Policies: Visa Polices and Talent Attraction Programs
Lu Miao, Huiyao Wang
6. Suggestions on Establishing the Internationally Competitive Talent Immigration System
Lu Miao, Huiyao Wang