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Udell, Chad - Mastering Mobile Learning, ebook

Mastering Mobile Learning

Udell, Chad


Discover the strategies, tools, and technologies necessary for developing successful mobile learning programs
In the modern, rapidly-expanding mobile learning environment, only clear guidelines and state-of-the-art technologies will stand up to the challenges that lie ahead. With a smart

Allen, Michael W. - Michael Allen's 2012 e-Learning Annual, ebook

Michael Allen's 2012 e-Learning Annual

Allen, Michael W.


The field of e-learning continues to experience dramatic and turbulent growth. Over time, as technology has improved and the method's real capabilities have emerged, e-learning has gained widespread acceptance and is now the fastest growing sector of

Breitner, Michael H. - E-Learning 2010, ebook

E-Learning 2010

Breitner, Michael H.


A Methodology to Compare and Adapt E-Learning in the Global Context
Jan M. Pawlowski, Thomas Richter
2. Knowledge Transfer with E-Learning Resources to Developing Countries: Barriers and Adaptive Solutions
Tanja Kohn,