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Archer, Simon - Islamic Finance: The New Regulatory Challenge, ebook

Islamic Finance: The New Regulatory Challenge

Archer, Simon


From the world's foremost authorities on the subject, the number-one guide to Islamic finance revised and updated for a post-crisis world
Because it is entirely equity-based, rather than credit-based, Islamic finance is immune to the speculative bubbles

Jamaldeen, Faleel - Islamic Finance For Dummies, ebook

Islamic Finance For Dummies

Jamaldeen, Faleel


A detailed look at the fast-growing field of Islamic banking and finance
The global Islamic finance market is now worth about $700 billion worldwide. Islamic Finance For Dummies

Krichene, Noureddine - Islamic Capital Markets: Theory and Practice, ebook

Islamic Capital Markets: Theory and Practice

Krichene, Noureddine


A comprehensive look at the essentials of Islamic capital markets
Bringing together theoretical and practical aspects of capital markets, Islamic Capital Markets offers readers a comprehensive insight into the institutions, instruments, and regulatory framework that comprise Islamic