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Jennewein, Klaus - Intellectual Property Management, ebook

Intellectual Property Management

Jennewein, Klaus


Case Studies on the Appropriation of Intellectual Assets
3. Intangible Assets: Characteristics, Generation & Protection
4. Strategic Management of Intangible Assets
5. Econometric Analysis
6. General Summary and Conclusion

Lawlor, Michael S. - The Economics of Keynes in Historical Context, ebook

The Economics of Keynes in Historical Context

Lawlor, Michael S.


The “Late Victorian” Intellectual Context of Marshall’s Labor Market Views
Michael S. Lawlor
6. The Treatment of Labor Markets in Marshallian Economics
Michael S. Lawlor
7. Keynes and the Labor Market
Michael S. Lawlor
Part II. A Philosopher

Santagata, Walter - The Culture Factory, ebook

The Culture Factory

Santagata, Walter


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Questions that Came from Afar
Walter Santagata
2. Producing Culture, Conserving Culture
Walter Santagata
3. The Supply Chain of Cultural Production
Walter Santagata
4. Creativity as a Resource, Emotions as a Prerequisite
Walter Santagata
5. Two Models of Creativity: