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Goddard, Richard - Credit and Trade in Later Medieval England, 1353-1532, ebook

Credit and Trade in Later Medieval England, 1353-1532

Goddard, Richard


Table of contents
1. The Statute Staple and Trade Finance in Later Medieval England
Richard Goddard
2. Merchants and Trade
Richard Goddard
3. Boom and Bust: Patterns of Borrowing in Later Medieval England
Richard Goddard
4. The Geography of Recession: Provincial Credit in Later Medieval England

Briggs, Chris - Land and Credit, ebook

Land and Credit

Briggs, Chris


Proactive Peasants? The Role of Annuities in a Late Medieval Communal Society: The Campine Area, Low Countries
Eline Onacker
11. The Other Fundamental Problem of Exchange: Mortgages, Defaults and Debtor Protection in Sixteenth-Century Holland
Jaco Zuijderduijn

Allen, Martin - Money, Prices and Wages, ebook

Money, Prices and Wages

Allen, Martin


Modelling the Medieval Economy: Money, Prices and Income in England, 1263–1520
Mark Casson, Catherine Casson
5. Prices from the Durham Obedientiary Account Rolls, 1278–1367
Elizabeth Gemmill
6. Credit, Crisis and the Money Supply, c. 1280–1330

Coffman, D'Maris - Financing in Europe, ebook

Financing in Europe

Coffman, D'Maris


Table of contents
1. Introduction
D’Maris Coffman, Cinzia Lorandini, Marcella Lorenzini
Part I. Informal, Non-institutional and Professional Credit in Preindustrial Europe
2. The Rise of London as a Financial Capital in Late Medieval England
Pamela Nightingale
3. When Things Go Wrong: Credit, Defaults

Means, Howard - Money & Power: The History of Business, ebook

Money & Power: The History of Business

Means, Howard


The companion book to the acclaimed CNBC documentary, Money and Power takes readers on a gripping journey following the movement of power from east to west-from the feudal estates of medieval Europe to the halls of modern finance,

Aoki, Masahiko - Institutions and Comparative Economic Development, ebook

Institutions and Comparative Economic Development

Aoki, Masahiko


Before and Beyond Divergence: A New Look at the Economic History of China and Europe
Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, R. Bin Wong
5. Political Institutions and Long-run Economic Trajectory: Some Lessons from Two Millennia of Chinese Civilization
Debin Ma

DiVanna, Joseph A. - Redefining financial services, ebook

Redefining financial services

DiVanna, Joseph A.


Contents: PART 1: INTRODUCTION TO VALUE PROPOSITIONS PART 2: THE FUTURE OF BANKING SERVICES Designing the Twenty-first-century Financial Institution for Value The Future of Banking Pervasive Computing: Really Getting Know Your Toaster Convergence and the Changing Landscape of Financial Services eInsurance: