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Adinolfi, Paola - The Myths of Health Care, ebook

The Myths of Health Care

Adinolfi, Paola


Managing in Health Care: Cues and Reflections
1. Managing the Myths of Health Care
Henry Mintzberg
2. The Historical Evolution of Health Concepts and Approaches: The Challenge of

Purohit, Brijesh C. - Inequity in Indian Health Care, ebook

Inequity in Indian Health Care

Purohit, Brijesh C.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Brijesh C. Purohit
2. Various Approaches to Inequity: A Review of Literature
Brijesh C. Purohit
3. Data and Methodology
Brijesh C. Purohit
4. Health Expenditures and Health Facilities in India
Brijesh C. Purohit
5. District-Level Inequity in Selected Indian

Dickinson, Helen - The Reform of Health Care, ebook

The Reform of Health Care

Dickinson, Helen


The Lost Health Service Tribe:In Search of Middle Managers
Paula Hyde, Edward Granter, Leo McCann, John Hassard
3. Managing the Psychological Contract in Health and Social Care: The

Lux, Thomas - E-Health-Ökonomie, ebook


Lux, Thomas


Der Nutzen von E-Health: Eine medizinische, juristische und ökonomische Reflexion
Stefan Müller-Mielitz, Andreas J. W. Goldschmidt
5. Perspektiven des IT-Managements im Gesundheitswesen
Maximilian C. Eiff, Wilfried

Keating, Mary A. - Patient-Centred Health Care, ebook

Patient-Centred Health Care

Keating, Mary A.


Developments in Conceptions of Patient-Centred Care: Implementation Challenges in the Context of High-Risk Therapy
Kathleen Montgomery
3. The Continuum of Resident-Centred Care in US Nursing Homes
Nicholas G. Castle,

Amelung, Volker - Handbook Integrated Care, ebook

Handbook Integrated Care

Amelung, Volker


Discharge and Transition Management in Integrated Care
Dominika Urbanski, Anika Reichert, Volker Amelung
7. Mobile Sensors and Wearable Technology
Christopher A. Yao, Kendall Ho
8. Data Integration in Health Care
Maya Leventer-Roberts, Ran Balicer

Lieberthal, Robert D. - What Is Health Insurance (Good) For?, ebook

What Is Health Insurance (Good) For?

Lieberthal, Robert D.


Health Insurance Markets
4. Demand for Health Insurance
Robert D. Lieberthal
5. Producing Health Insurance
Robert D. Lieberthal
6. Matching Supply and Demand
Robert D. Lieberthal
Part III. Health Insurance Policy
7. Group Purchasing