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Renn, Ortwin - Food Safety Governance, ebook

Food Safety Governance

Renn, Ortwin


Table of contents
2. Introduction
M. Dreyer, O. Renn
3. The Need for Change
A. Ely, A. Stirling, M. Dreyer, O. Renn, E. Vos, F. Wendler
4. Overview of the General Framework
A. Ely, A. Stirling, M. Dreyer, O. Renn, E. Vos, F. Wendler

Lehavi, Amnon - Private Communities and Urban Governance, ebook

Private Communities and Urban Governance

Lehavi, Amnon


The Changing Landscape of Condominium Laws and Urban Governance in China
Lei Chen
2. Gating in Russia: Exit into Private Communities, and Implications for Governance
Leonid Polishchuk, Yulia Sharygina
3. Rethinking Residential Private Government in

Cabral, Nazaré da Costa - The Euro and the Crisis, ebook

The Euro and the Crisis

Cabral, Nazaré da Costa


The Unconventional Monetary Policy of the ECB and the International Economic and Financial Crisis: Effectiveness Versus Exhaustion
António Mendonça
15. The Eurozone’s Private and Governmental Shock Absorbers: Current Setup and Future Prospects

Cuervo-Cazurra, Alvaro - State-Owned Multinationals, ebook

State-Owned Multinationals

Cuervo-Cazurra, Alvaro


The International Aspects of State-Owned Enterprises
Raymond Vernon
4. European Government-Controlled Enterprises: Explaining International Strategic and Policy Decisions
Renato Mazzolini
Part II. New Insights on

Bilgin, Mehmet Huseyin - Eurasian Economic Perspectives, ebook

Eurasian Economic Perspectives

Bilgin, Mehmet Huseyin


Expenditure on Education in the Countries of the European Union in the Light of the Europe 2020 Strategy
Katarzyna Maj-Waśniowska
4. Permitted Modifications of Public Contracts in the EU Court of Justice Case Law

Curwen, Peter - Telecommunication Markets, ebook

Telecommunication Markets

Curwen, Peter


Regulation of International Roaming Charges – The Way to Cost-Based Prices?
Morten Falch, Anders Henten, Reza Tadayoni
6. Substitution Between DSL, Cable, and Mobile Broadband Internet Services
Mélisande Cardona, Anton Schwarz, B. Burcin Yurtoglu, Christine