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Gualous, Hamid - Electrochemical Components, ebook

Electrochemical Components

Gualous, Hamid


His research activities include the characterization and modeling of fuel cells and electrolyzers, the state of health of these components, and their hybridization with other electrochemical components (ultracapacitors, batteries)

Kapterev, Alexei - Presentation Secrets, ebook

Presentation Secrets

Kapterev, Alexei


The author shares his insight, wisdom, and advice with impressive clarity and detail, covering the three main components required to a presentation: storyline design, slide design, and delivery. Presentation Secrets lets you get to work immediately, fully prepared,

Chritton, Susan - Personal Branding For Dummies, ebook

Personal Branding For Dummies

Chritton, Susan


The simple guide to managing your personal brand, a vital element of success in the professional world
Personal Branding For Dummies, 2nd Edition, is your guide to creating and maintaining a personal trademark by equating self-impression with other…

Arwinge, Olof - Internal Control, ebook

Internal Control

Arwinge, Olof


Key Components of Internal Control
Olof Arwinge
4. A Regulatory Perspective
Olof Arwinge
5. Themes and Issues
Olof Arwinge
6. Conclusions and Future Research
Olof Arwinge

Meier, Marco - Enterprise Management with SAP SEM™/Business Analytics, ebook

Enterprise Management with SAP SEM™/Business Analytics

Meier, Marco


Table of contents
1. Current Problems and Requirements
2. Business Management Background
3. Business Management Instruments
4. Information Technology Instruments
5. Components of the SAP Solution
6. Case Studies
7. Conclusion

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