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Panteli, Niki - Virtual Social Networks, ebook

Virtual Social Networks

Panteli, Niki


Virtual Social Networks: A New Dimension for Virtuality Research
Niki Panteli
2. Learning Virtually or Virtually Distracted? The Impact of Emerging Internet Technologies on Pedagogical Practice
Simran K. Grewal, Lisa

Aaboen, Lise - Starting Up in Business Networks, ebook

Starting Up in Business Networks

Aaboen, Lise


Introduction: Starting Up in Business Networks—Why Relationships Matter in Entrepreneurship
Lise Aaboen, Antonella La Rocca, Frida Lind, Andrea Perna, Tommy Shih
Part I. Starting Up Business Relationships
2. 1 Initiation of Business Relationships in Start

Pfeffermann, Nicole - Strategy and Communication for Innovation, ebook

Strategy and Communication for Innovation

Pfeffermann, Nicole


Strategic and Innovation Networks in the Flanders Biotechnology Industry
Thomas Crispeels, Radu Huculeci, Jurgen Willems, Ilse Scheerlinck
7. Cognitive Diversity of Top Management Teams as a Competence-Based Driver of Innovation Capability
Michael Hülsmann,

Rossignoli, Cecilia - Digital Technology and Organizational Change, ebook

Digital Technology and Organizational Change

Rossignoli, Cecilia


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Cecilia Rossignoli, Francesco Virili, Stefano Za
Part I. IS Design Innovation and Challenges
2. Business Designers, Organizational Networks and ICT
Giorgio Michelis
3. The State of the Practice of Agile and Plan-Driven Approaches in ICT Development Projects: An Exploratory

Nicoletti, Bernardo - Mobile Banking, ebook

Mobile Banking

Nicoletti, Bernardo


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Bernardo Nicoletti
2. Innovation in Financial Services
Bernardo Nicoletti
3. Mobile Banking
Bernardo Nicoletti
4. Management of Mobile Banking
Bernardo Nicoletti
5. Opportunities, Challenges,…

Tillmann, Herbert - Digitale Dividende, ebook

Digitale Dividende

Tillmann, Herbert


Table of contents
2. Begrüßung
Arnold Picot
3. Begriffsbestimmung und Erfahrungsberichte
Karl-Heinz Neumann
4. Nationaler und internationaler Rechtsrahmen für die Frequenzvergabe
Bernd Holznagel
5. Nationale Frequenzverwaltung…