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Saleem, Muhammad Yusuf - Islamic Commercial Law, ebook

Islamic Commercial Law

Saleem, Muhammad Yusuf


A concise study of the practices in Islamic commercial law
Filling a gap in the current literature, Islamic Commercial Law is the only book available that combines the theory and practice of Islamic commercial

Niedostadek, André - Wirtschaftsrecht für Dummies, ebook

Wirtschaftsrecht für Dummies

Niedostadek, André


Das Wirtschaftsrecht ist ein weites Feld. Andre Niedostadek behandelt in seinem Buch die wirtschaftsrelevanten Kerngebiete des Burgerlichen Rechts und des Handels- und Gesellschaftsrechts ebenso wie beispielsweise auch das Arbeitsrecht, den Gewerblichen…

Girasa, Roy - Corporate Governance and Finance Law, ebook

Corporate Governance and Finance Law

Girasa, Roy


Table of contents
1. Overview of the Law of Finance
Roy Girasa
2. Corporate Governance in the United States
Roy Girasa
3. International Corporate Governance
Roy Girasa
4. Securities Regulation Part I: Securities Act of 1933
Roy Girasa
5. Securities Regulation Part II: Securities Exchange Act

Bensadon, Didier - IFRS in a Global World, ebook

IFRS in a Global World

Bensadon, Didier


Table of contents
1. Interview of Jacques Richard: The Accounting Geographer
Didier Bensadon, Nicolas Praquin
Part I. Critical Issues in International Accounting
2. Accounting and Economic Systems: A Tribute to the Work of Jacques Richard
Charles Richard Baker
3. Frère Jacques and IFRS: Sonnez les Matines?

Zimmerman, Alan - The Economics of Counterfeit Trade, ebook

The Economics of Counterfeit Trade

Zimmerman, Alan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Peggy Chaudhry
2. The Global Growth of Counterfeit Trade
Peggy Chaudhry
3. The Supply of Counterfeit Trade: The Problem Countries
Peggy Chaudhry
4. Modeling the Intellectual Property Rights…

Jacob, Kai - Liquid Legal, ebook

Liquid Legal

Jacob, Kai


Shifting Client Expectations of Law Firms: Morphing Law Firms into Managed Services Providers
Lucy Endel Bassli
6. Legal Process Outsourcing: Redefining the Legal Services Delivery Model
Mark Ross
7. LegalTech on

McGill, Ross - Sarbanes-Oxley, ebook


McGill, Ross


Table of contents
Part I. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act
1. What is Sarbanes-Oxley?
Terence Sheppey, Ross McGill
2. Background and Legislative Trends
Terence Sheppey, Ross McGill
3. Perspectives for the Financial Sector
Terence Sheppey,…