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Mills, Terence C. - A Very British Affair, ebook

A Very British Affair

Mills, Terence C.


Table of contents
1. Time Series Analysis and the British
Terence C. Mills
2. Yule: The Time-Correlation Problem, Nonsense Correlations, Periodicity and Autoregressions
George Udny Yule
3. Kendall: Generalizations and Extensions of…

Kosmetatos, Paul - The 1772–73 British Credit Crisis, ebook

The 1772–73 British Credit Crisis

Kosmetatos, Paul


Table of contents
1. ‘A Year of Confusion, Dismay, and Distress’: The 1772–73 Financial Crisis and Its Potential Significance
Paul Kosmetatos
2. A Minsky Bubble? Economic Growth and the Financial Sector in 1763–72
Paul Kosmetatos

Carter, Robert L. - The British Insurance Industry Since 1900, ebook

The British Insurance Industry Since 1900

Carter, Robert L.


Table of contents
Part I. First Half of the Century
1. The Industry from the End of the Victorian Era to 1914
Robert L. Carter, Peter Falush
2. Insurance in World War I
Robert L. Carter, Peter Falush
3. The Interwar Years

Wellings, Fred - British Housebuilders: History and Analysis, ebook

British Housebuilders: History and Analysis

Wellings, Fred


This examination of the development of the private housebuilding industry from the 1930s to the present day analyses the supply side of the industry, and gives the first comprehensive account of the corporate history of the 20th century housing industry in the UK.

Knight, Julian - The British Citizenship Test For Dummies, UK Edition, ebook

The British Citizenship Test For Dummies, UK Edition

Knight, Julian


This fully updated edition of The British Citizenship Test For Dummies covers all the most up to date information that you need to know to pass the latest UK Government’s Life in the UK test – valid for tests taken after April 2007. With an in-depth coverage

Andrews, Paul - BP - Where Did it All Go Wrong?, ebook

BP - Where Did it All Go Wrong?

Andrews, Paul


BP - Where did it all go wrong? is a quick-read business biography; it is a history and current breakdown of British Petroleum. The book introduces the reader to BP, how the company was formed, the chequered past it has, and discusses the recent disaster

Stanway, Kate - Britannia's Calendar of Heroes, ebook

Britannia's Calendar of Heroes

Stanway, Kate


This unusual book gives, by date of anniversary, a brief account of the heroic deeds that resulted in the awards of the VC, EM, AM, KPM, NZC and the gallantry medals of various British societies and institutions.Of the 522 VCs awarded to 1909 and recorded in the book, the compiler has incuded

Wallwork, Nicholas - Brexit For Dummies, ebook

Brexit For Dummies

Wallwork, Nicholas


Kicking off with the history behind the tightly fought June 23 referendum, Brexit for Dummies covers the origins of British Euroscepticism right up to the most recent legal and policy changes in place following the vote.