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Adam, Mohamed - The Power of Governance, ebook

The Power of Governance

Adam, Mohamed


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Reuel J Khoza, Mohamed Adam
Part 1. The Power of Governance
2. Why Corporate Governance Matters
Reuel J Khoza, Mohamed Adam
3. Hallmarks of Corporate Governance
Reuel J Khoza, Mohamed Adam

Madimbo, Maggie - Transformative and Engaging Leadership, ebook

Transformative and Engaging Leadership

Madimbo, Maggie


Table of contents
1. Contextual and Conceptual Framework
Maggie Madimbo
2. African Women in Leadership: The Missing Link
Maggie Madimbo
3. A Leadership Legacy: Participants’ Portraits
Maggie Madimbo
4. Courageous Women: Participants’ Portraits Continued
Maggie Madimbo
5. Pioneers: Participants’

April, Kurt A. - Diversity in Africa, ebook

Diversity in Africa

April, Kurt A.


Understanding Culture-based Diversity Through the Development of a Skills-based Model of Leadership
Linda Colff
5. Managing Cultural Diversity: A South African Perspective
Lize Booysen
6. The Lions Mark Their Territory: The African Thought System

Banda, Geoffrey - Making Medicines in Africa, ebook

Making Medicines in Africa

Banda, Geoffrey


Introduction: African Industrial Development, Values and Health Care
Maureen Mackintosh, Geoffrey Banda, Paula Tibandebage, Watu Wamae
Part I. The Pharmaceutical Industry in Africa
2. Making Medicines in Africa: An Historical Political Economy Overview

Pillay, Soma - Development Corruption in South Africa, ebook

Development Corruption in South Africa

Pillay, Soma


Table of contents
1. Governance Matters in South Africa
Soma Pillay
2. A Topography of Corruption
Soma Pillay
3. Legislative Measures and Institutional Structures
Soma Pillay
4. An Institutional Theory Perspective on Corruption