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Lunde, Jens - Milestones in European Housing Finance, ebook

Milestones in European Housing Finance

Lunde, Jens


This book provides evidence on how housing finance markets developed across Europe. The objective of the text is to bring together up to date material from across Europe which will help to clarify (i) how national housing finance markets have dealt with…

Go, Frank - Place Branding, ebook

Place Branding

Go, Frank


Case Zeeland (The Netherlands): Place Identity Research
Robert Govers, Frank Go
7. Case Flanders (Belgium): Place Identity Research
Robert Govers, Frank Go
Part 3. Place Brand Performance
8. Place Brand Performance Elements
Robert Govers, Frank

Jonkhoff, Wouter - Infrastructure Productivity Evaluation, ebook

Infrastructure Productivity Evaluation

Jonkhoff, Wouter


The Productivity of Public Capital in the Netherlands: A Regional Perspective
Walter Manshanden, Martijn I. Dröes
6. Indirect Effects in European Transport Project Appraisal
Wouter Jonkhoff, Menno Rustenburg

Jones, Erik - Economic Adjustment and Political Transformation in Small States, ebook

Economic Adjustment and Political Transformation in Small States

Jones, Erik


This book offers a provocative argument about the impact of political change on the economic strategies of small states, focusing on Belgium and the Netherlands. It argues that a transformation in the style of politics from consensus to competition has constrained the traditional formulas

Aalbers, Manuel B. - Place, Exclusion and Mortgage Markets, ebook

Place, Exclusion and Mortgage Markets

Aalbers, Manuel B.


, Italy, and the Netherlands, Place, Exclusion and Mortgage Markets presents an in depth examination of the practice of redlining and the broader implications of contemporary urban exclusion processes.??Covers exclusion in mortgage markets in three different countries

Gall, Gregor - Sex Worker Union Organising, ebook

Sex Worker Union Organising

Gall, Gregor


Sex Worker Organising in Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Canada and New Zealand
Gregor Gall
8. Propensities to Organise
Gregor Gall
9. Barriers to Organising
Gregor Gall
10. Conclusion
Gregor Gall

Kim, Daeryoon - The Secrets of Hegemony, ebook

The Secrets of Hegemony

Kim, Daeryoon


The Netherlands: The First Commercial State
Tai-Yoo Kim, Daeryoon Kim
4. From Commercial Society to Industrial Society in Great Britain
Tai-Yoo Kim, Daeryoon Kim
5. The Maturity and Decline of British Industrial Society
Tai-Yoo Kim, Daeryoon Kim

Hulst, Rudie - Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Europe, ebook

Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Europe

Hulst, Rudie


The Netherlands: Cooperation as the only Viable Strategy
Rudie Hulst, André van Montfort
8. Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Spain: Dealing with Microscopic Local Government
Eva Nieto Garrido
9. The Missing Ingredient: Inter-Municipal Cooperation and