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Grundy, Tony - Strategy Implementation through Project Management, ebook

Strategy Implementation through Project Management

Grundy, Tony


Far too few managers know how to apply project management techniques to their strategic planning. The result is often strategy that is poorly thought out and executed - and a business that could perform so much better with the benefit of the right techniques.

Peppard, Joe - Strategic Planning for Information Systems, ebook

Strategic Planning for Information Systems

Peppard, Joe


Computer Weekly
Strategic Planning for Information Systems (3rd Edition) explores the impact that Information Systems (IS) have on business performance and the contribution IS makes to the strategic development of organizations. It describes IS tools,

Böse, Jürgen W. - Handbook of Terminal Planning, ebook

Handbook of Terminal Planning

Böse, Jürgen W.


Modeling Techniques in Planning of Terminals: The Quantitative Approach
Yvo A. Saanen
6. Simulation Technology in Planning, Implementation and Operation of Container Terminals

Komus, Ayelt - BPM Best Practice, ebook

BPM Best Practice

Komus, Ayelt


Table of contents
1. BPM Best Practice – Erfolgsfaktoren der Prozessorientierung
Ayelt Komus
2. Über’s Malen zum Managen
Claus Heberling
3. BPM-Methoden und -Tools als Basis für wirtschaftliche und compliancegerechte Abläufe…

Dwyer, Larry - Evolution of Destination Planning and Strategy, ebook

Evolution of Destination Planning and Strategy

Dwyer, Larry


Abandoned Tourism Resorts in Croatia: The Consequences of Discordant Spatial Planning and Tourism Development Policies
Jasenka Kranjčević
10. Sustainability Issues in Management of Tourism in Protected Areas: Case Study of Plitvice Lakes National Park