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Cordeiro, José - Enterprise Information Systems, ebook

Enterprise Information Systems

Cordeiro, José


Semantic Annotation of EPC Models in Engineering Domains to Facilitate an Automated Identification of Common Modelling Practices
Andreas Bögl, Michael Schrefl, Gustav Pomberger, Norbert Weber
13. Tool Support for the Integration of Light-Weight Ontologies

Abramowicz, Witold - Business Information Systems, ebook

Business Information Systems

Abramowicz, Witold


MMC-BPM: A Domain-Specific Language for Business Processes Analysis
Oscar González, Rubby Casallas, Dirk Deridder
15. Strategy-Driven Business Process Analysis
Carlos Pedrinaci, Ivan Markovic, Florian Hasibether,

Kishore, Rajiv - Ontologies, ebook


Kishore, Rajiv


Machine Learning-Based Maintenance of Domain-Specific Application Ontologies
Alexandros G. Valarakos, George Vouros, Constantine Spyropoulos
13. MnM: Semi-Automatic Ontology Population from Text
Maria Vargas-Vera, Emanuela Moreale, Arthur Stutt, Enrico

Ardagna, Danilo - Business Process Management Workshops, ebook

Business Process Management Workshops

Ardagna, Danilo


Introduction to the First International Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering for Business Process Management (MDE4BPM 2008)
Cesare Pautasso, Jana Koehler
18. Business to IT Transformations Revisited
Sebastian Stein, Stefan Kühne, Konstantin Ivanov

Cordeiro, José - Enterprise Information Systems, ebook

Enterprise Information Systems

Cordeiro, José


Dimensional Templates in Data Warehouses: Automating the Multidimensional Design of Data Warehouse Prototypes
Rui Oliveira, Fátima Rodrigues, Paulo Martins, João Paulo Moura
17. Multiview Components for User-Aware Web Services
Bouchra Asri, Adil Kenzi,

D'Atri, Alessandro - Management of the Interconnected World, ebook

Management of the Interconnected World

D'Atri, Alessandro


A Design Patterns Catalog for Web-Based Emergency Management Systems
Paloma Diaz, Pablo Acuña, Ignacio Aedo, Alessio Malizia
46. Transforming Legacy Systems into User-Centred Web Applications
Anna L. Guido, Roberto Paiano, Andrea Pandurino, Luca Mainetti