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Jentzsch, Nicola - Financial Privacy, ebook

Financial Privacy

Jentzsch, Nicola


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Theory of Information and Privacy
3. Overview of Credit Reporting Systems
4. Regulation of Credit Reporting
5. Economic Effects of Credit Reporting
6. Conclusions


Guagnin, Daniel - Managing Privacy through Accountability, ebook

Managing Privacy through Accountability

Guagnin, Daniel


The Accountability Approach to Privacy and Data Protection: Assumptions and Caveats
Colin J. Bennett
4. The Accountability Principle in Data Protection Regulation: Origin, Development and Future Directions
Joseph Alhadeff, Brendan Alsenoy, Jos Dumortier

Camenisch, Jan - Privacy and Identity Management for Life, ebook

Privacy and Identity Management for Life

Camenisch, Jan


Identity and Privacy Issues Throughout Life
Jaromir Dobias, Marit Hansen, Stefan Köpsell, Maren Raguse, Arnold Roosendaal, Andreas Pfitzmann, Sandra Steinbrecher, Katalin Storf, Harald Zwingelberg
5. Cryptographic Mechanisms for Privacy
Jan Camenisch,

Cascarino, Richard E. - Auditor's Guide to IT Auditing, ebook

Auditor's Guide to IT Auditing

Cascarino, Richard E.


Follows the approach used by the Information System Audit and Control Association's model curriculum, making this book a practical approach to IS auditingServes as an excellent study guide for those preparing for the CISA and CISM examsIncludes discussion of risk evaluation methodologies, new regulations,

Halpert, Ben - Auditing Cloud Computing: A Security and Privacy Guide, ebook

Auditing Cloud Computing: A Security and Privacy Guide

Halpert, Ben


The auditor's guide to ensuring correct security and privacy practices in a cloud computing environment
Many organizations are reporting or projecting a significant cost savings through the use of cloud computing—utilizing shared computing resources to provide ubiquitous access