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Klepacki, Laura - Avon: Building The World's Premier Company For Women, ebook

Avon: Building The World's Premier Company For Women

Klepacki, Laura


A Winning Formula for Selling to Women Around the World
Avon has come a long way since handing out its first perfume sample back in 1886. The company, long famous for ringing customer doorbells, is now the world's largest direct sales organization-with almost five million representatives

Arora, Rahul - Theorizing International Trade, ebook

Theorizing International Trade

Arora, Rahul


Estimating the Impact of Technical Barriers to Trade: The Case of Perfumes and Toilet Waters in Ecuador
Gonzalo E. Sánchez, Patricia A. Vargas
14. Does Trade Openness Increase Wage Elasticity of Labour Demand in Indian Manufacturing Industries?