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Uchimura, Hiroko - Fiscal Decentralization and Development, ebook

Fiscal Decentralization and Development

Uchimura, Hiroko


Fiscal Decentralization in the Philippines after the 1991 Code: Intergovernmental Fiscal Relationships and the Roles of Fiscal Transfers
Hiroko Uchimura, Yurika Suzuki
4. Health Development in the Decentralized Health System of the Philippines:

Stagars, Manuel - Data Quality in Southeast Asia, ebook

Data Quality in Southeast Asia

Stagars, Manuel


Data Quality Analysis of Group A: Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia
Manuel Stagars
5. Data Quality Analysis of Group B: Thailand, Vietnam, and Brunei
Manuel Stagars
6. Data Quality Analysis of Group C: Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar

Antonopoulos, Rania - Unpaid Work and the Economy, ebook

Unpaid Work and the Economy

Antonopoulos, Rania


Table of contents
1. Unpaid Work and the Economy
Rania Antonopoulos, Indira Hirway
2. Understanding Poverty: Insights Emerging from Time Use of the Poor
Indira Hirway
3. Gender Inequalities in Allocating Time to Paid and Unpaid Work: Evidence from Bolivia
Marcelo Medeiros, Rafael G. Osório, Joana Costa

Beh, Loo-See - Culture and Gender in Leadership, ebook

Culture and Gender in Leadership

Beh, Loo-See


Leadership Perspective from the Philippines: Its Implications for Theory, Research and Practice
Francis Thaise A. Cimene, Alan N. Aladano
5. Conceptualizing Leadership for a Globalizing China
Xiao Ran Song, David Beckett
6. Evolving Agencies amid Rapid

Zhou, Min - Contemporary Chinese Diasporas, ebook

Contemporary Chinese Diasporas

Zhou, Min


Chinese Immigration to the Philippines since the Late 1970s
Fan Dai
9. Ethnicized Networks and Local Embeddedness: The New Chinese Migrant Community in Cambodia
James K. Chin
Part III. New Chinese Diasporas in Oceania
10. Rediscovering the New Gold

Gupta, Anil K. - Global Strategies for Emerging Asia, ebook

Global Strategies for Emerging Asia

Gupta, Anil K.


Besides China and India, Asia also includes other fast-growing economies such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Added together, by 2025, these developments are likely to make Asia's economy larger than those of the U.S. and Europe combined.