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Negenborn, Rudy R. - Intelligent Infrastructures, ebook

Intelligent Infrastructures

Negenborn, Rudy R.


Prevention of Emergency Voltage Collapses in Electric Power Networks using Hybrid Predictive Control
S. Leirens, R. R. Negenborn
4. Module-Based Modeling and Stabilization of Electricity Infrastructure
L. Xie, M. D.

Abram, Mario - Systemics of Emergence: Research and Development, ebook

Systemics of Emergence: Research and Development

Abram, Mario


Personality and Complex Systems. An Expanded View
Mauro Meleddu, Laura Francesca Scalas
15. Complexity and Paternalism
Paolo Ramazzotti
16. A Computational Model of Face Perception
Maria Pietronilla Penna, Vera Stara, Marco Boi, Paolo Puliti

Bausch, Andreas - Handbook Utility Management, ebook

Handbook Utility Management

Bausch, Andreas


The Changing Structure of the Electric Utility Industry in Europe: Liberalisation, New Demands and Remaining Barriers
Reinhard Haas, Christian Redl, Hans Auer
11. The Changing Structure of the Utility Industry from the Perspective of Regulation Authorities

Gualous, Hamid - Electrochemical Components, ebook

Electrochemical Components

Gualous, Hamid


While the storage systems touched upon in the previous three chapters (hydrogen batteries and supercapacitors) both exhibit advantageous characteristics, at present they are still relatively costly. Thus, the days of the electrochemical accumulator by no means appear