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Klee, Paul - Paul Klee, ebook

Paul Klee

Klee, Paul


An emblematic figure of the early 20th century, Paul Klee participated in the expansive Avant-Garde movements in Germany and Switzerland. From the vibrant Blaue Reiter movement to Surrealism at the end of the 1930s and throughout his teaching years at…

Audrain-Pontevia, Anne-Françoise - The Digitization of Healthcare, ebook

The Digitization of Healthcare

Audrain-Pontevia, Anne-Françoise


Table of contents
Part I. Digitalization of Health-Care Overview and Outlook of a Promising Sector
1. State of the Art of Health Care: The Cubism Period
Jean-Christophe Mestres
2. Reshaping Health Care Through mHealth: Lessons from the On-Demand Economy
Andrew D. Scarffe, Alexander D. Smith, David Barrett