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Storchevoy, Maxim - Business Ethics as a Science, ebook

Business Ethics as a Science

Storchevoy, Maxim


Table of contents
1. Welfare Economics
Maxim Storchevoy
2. Economics and Ethics after the 1950s
Maxim Storchevoy
3. Business Ethics: Normative, Positive, and Practical
Maxim Storchevoy
4. Business Ethics: Normative Approaches
Maxim Storchevoy
5. Business Ethics: Moral Issues and Dilemmas

Saad, Gad - Evolutionary Psychology in the Business Sciences, ebook

Evolutionary Psychology in the Business Sciences

Saad, Gad


Cue Management: Using Fitness Cues to Enhance Advertising Effectiveness
Patrick Vyncke
11. “Evolutionary Store Atmospherics” – Designing with Evolution in Mind
Yannick Joye, Karolien Poels, Kim Willems
12. Rationality and Utility: Economics and

Jost, Wolfram - AGILITY by ARIS Business Process Management, ebook

AGILITY by ARIS Business Process Management

Jost, Wolfram


Business Process Lifecycle
1. ARIS — Software, Method and Instrument
Helmut Kruppke, Wolfram Jost, Herbert Kindermann
2. Business Processes Support Growth at BMW Group Financial Services
Nicolas Lacker
3. Practical Implication and Use of Process

Forbes, David - The Science of Why, ebook

The Science of Why

Forbes, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David Forbes
2. Marketing to Motivation
David Forbes
3. Introducing the MindSight Motivational Matrix
David Forbes
4. Introducing the Intrapsychic Motivations
David Forbes
5. The Security…

Mahnicke, Rüdiger - Business Travel Management, ebook

Business Travel Management

Mahnicke, Rüdiger


Table of contents
1. Die Ausgangssituation im Unternehmen
Rüdiger Mahnicke
2. Marktüberblick
Rüdiger Mahnicke
3. Vermittler und Portale
Rüdiger Mahnicke
4. Einkaufsoptimierung für Reiseleistungen
Rüdiger Mahnicke
5. Reisebüros (Travel Management Companies)
Rüdiger Mahnicke

Nelson, Matthew L. - Sustainable e-Business Management, ebook

Sustainable e-Business Management

Nelson, Matthew L.


Dynamic Revenue Model Design in the Online Services Business: Two Cases in Japan
Masao Kakihara
2. Pricing of Content Services – An Empirical Investigation of Music as a Service
Jonathan Doerr, Alexander Benlian, Johannes Vetter, Thomas Hess
3. Informational

Meier, Marco - Enterprise Management with SAP SEM™/Business Analytics, ebook

Enterprise Management with SAP SEM™/Business Analytics

Meier, Marco


Table of contents
1. Current Problems and Requirements
2. Business Management Background
3. Business Management Instruments
4. Information Technology Instruments
5. Components of the SAP Solution
6. Case Studies
7. Conclusion

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