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Loughrey, Anita - Healthy Schools, Healthy Lives, ebook

Healthy Schools, Healthy Lives

Loughrey, Anita


Research has shown there is a link between weight, lifestyle and attainment. This book will identify ideas and strategies for all primary schools to help educate children and parents about obesity. The book aims to help teachers introduce good eating habits, help children

Painter, Martin - Tradition and Public Administration, ebook

Tradition and Public Administration

Painter, Martin


Path-Dependent and Path-Breaking Changes in the French Administrative System: The Weight of Legacy Explanations
Philippe Bezes
13. The Napoleonic Administrative Tradition and Public Management Reform in France, Greece,

Lombaerde, Philippe - The United Nations and the Regions, ebook

The United Nations and the Regions

Lombaerde, Philippe


The UN and the Regions: The Case of Health Sector Coordination for Disaster Management in the Caribbean
Geert Haghebaert
21. Regionalism and Human Rights at the UN
Richard Gowan, Franziska Brantner
22. Conclusions
Francis Baert, Tânia Felício,