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Urban, Dieter - Strukturgleichungsmodellierung, ebook


Urban, Dieter


Dieter Urban, Jochen Mayerl
2. SEM-Grundlagen
Dieter Urban, Jochen Mayerl
3. Probleme bei der Schätzung von SE-Modellen
Dieter Urban, Jochen Mayerl
4. Datenqualität

Enright, Theresa - The Urban Political, ebook

The Urban Political

Enright, Theresa


Infrastructure, ‘Seeing Sanitation’ and the Urban Political in an Era of Late Neoliberalism
Colin McFarlane, Jonathan Silver
Part III. Governing the Urban Political
8. The ‘Cooperative’ or ‘Cop-Out’ Council? Urban

Jayaram, N. - Social Dynamics of the Urban, ebook

Social Dynamics of the Urban

Jayaram, N.


Global Flows or Rural–Urban Connections? Temporality, Public Spaces and Heterotopias in Globalising Mumbai
D. Parthasarathy
4. Globalisation, Group Autonomy and Political Space: Negotiating Globalised Interests in Bengaluru
Narendar Pani
5. Directed

Ding, Yannan - China: A Historical Geography of the Urban, ebook

China: A Historical Geography of the Urban

Ding, Yannan


A City of Workers, a City for Workers? Remaking Beijing Urban Space in the Early PRC
Fabio Lanza
4. Changchun Across 1949: Rebuilding a Colonial Capital City Under Socialism in the Early 1950s
Yishi Liu
Part II. Mediating History and Modernity

Kuldova, Tereza - Urban Utopias, ebook

Urban Utopias

Kuldova, Tereza


Introduction: Urban Utopias—Excess and Expulsion in Neoliberal India and Sri Lanka
Tereza Kuldova, Mathew A. Varghese
Part I. Futuristic Visions of Urbanity and Socio-Economic Expulsions
2. The Impossibility of World-Class Slum-Free Indian Cities and the

Payzant, Tom - Urban School Leadership, ebook

Urban School Leadership

Payzant, Tom


This important book, written by educational expert and urban school leader, Tom Payzant, offers a realistic understanding of what urban school leadership looks like from the inside. Payzant shares his first-hand knowledge of the unique managerial, instructional,