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Fraser, Ian - Dialectics of the Self, ebook

Dialectics of the Self

Fraser, Ian


Charles Taylor is a philosopher concerned with morality and the nature of the identity of individuals and groups in the West. This book offers an evaluation of Taylor's conception of self, and its moral and political possibilities.

Beckmann, Andrea - The Social Construction of Sexuality and Perversion, ebook

The Social Construction of Sexuality and Perversion

Beckmann, Andrea


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Andrea Beckmann
2. Deconstructing ‘Normalizing’ Concepts
Andrea Beckmann
3. The ‘Field’: ‘Lived Experiences’ of Consensual ‘SM’ and ‘Subjugated Knowledges’
Andrea Beckmann
4. ‘Sadomasochism’ — a Social Construction and Its Use

Kioupkiolis, Alexandros - Freedom After the Critique of Foundations, ebook

Freedom After the Critique of Foundations

Kioupkiolis, Alexandros


Kantian Transcendence and Beyond
Alexandros Kioupkiolis
4. Knowledge and Practice in Trouble: A Reasonable Way Out of Ontological Traps
Alexandros Kioupkiolis
5. Liberal Detours and Their Mishaps: Negative Liberty, Isaiah Berlin and John Stuart Mill

Hamner, M. Gail - Imaging Religion in Film, ebook

Imaging Religion in Film

Hamner, M. Gail


Abbas Kiarostami: The Face of Modernity; Alienation and Transcendence in Taste of Cherry (1997)
M. Gail Hamner
4. Joel and Ethan Coen: Searching for a Way Out; Alienation and Intimacy in The Man Who Wasn’t There (2001)
M. Gail Hamner
Part II. Theoretical

Cianchi, John - Radical Environmentalism, ebook

Radical Environmentalism

Cianchi, John


Table of contents
1. Defending Nature
John Cianchi
2. What is Nature Doing?: Radical Environmentalism and the Role of Nature
John Cianchi
3. Nature, Identity and More-than-human Agency
John Cianchi
4. ‘I Talked to My Tree and He Talked Back’: Activism, Nature and Meaning-making
John Cianchi

Cavanagh, Sheila L. - Skin, Culture and Psychoanalysis, ebook

Skin, Culture and Psychoanalysis

Cavanagh, Sheila L.


Writing Skin: Esthetics and Transcendence in Junichirō Tanizaki’s “The Tattooer”
Andrew Hock Soon Ng
7. The Skin-Textile in Cosmetic Surgery
Rachel Alpha Johnston Hurst
8. Narrative Skin Repair: Bearing Witness to Mediatized Representations of

Han, Byung-Chul - Saving Beauty, ebook

Saving Beauty

Han, Byung-Chul


The cult of beauty is ubiquitous but it has lost its transcendence and become little more than an aspect of consumerism, the aesthetic dimension of capitalism. The sublime and unsettling aspects of beauty have given way to corporeal pleasures and 'likes', resulting