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Delannoi, Gil - Sortition, ebook


Delannoi, Gil


This volume reflects the up-and-coming academic interest in sortition. It is based on contributions to the first international conference dedicated to the subject held at the University of Political Science (Sciences-Po) in Paris in November 2008. The papers explore important theoretical

Burnheim, John - The Demarchy Manifesto, ebook

The Demarchy Manifesto

Burnheim, John


Demarchy exploits the possibilities of modern communications to give new role to public discussion. It takes the initiative in formulating policy on each specific problem out of the hands of political parties and into the hands of those most strongly…

Barnett, Anthony - The Athenian Option, ebook

The Athenian Option

Barnett, Anthony


Before New Labour came to power and when even the prospect of reform of Britain's House of Lords was regarded with scepticism, Anthony Barnett and Peter Carty developed the idea of selecting part of a new upper house by lot: creating a jury or juries,…

Sutherland, Keith - A People's Parliament/A Citizen Legislature, ebook

A People's Parliament/A Citizen Legislature

Sutherland, Keith


Two essays, printed back to back in a single volume, offer complementary solutions to the democratic deficit in Britain and the USA. In his book The Party's Over: Blueprint for a Very English Revolution (2004), Keith Sutherland questioned the role of…

Boyle, Conall - Lotteries for Education, ebook

Lotteries for Education

Boyle, Conall


Lotteries are widely used to decide places (seats) at schools, colleges and universities. Conall Boyle explores many examples to find out why. The emotional turmoil that the use of ballots can cause to students and parents alike is graphically described.…

Gataker, Thomas - The Nature and Uses of Lotteries, ebook

The Nature and Uses of Lotteries

Gataker, Thomas


Thomas Gataker was a disputatious Puritan divine. His The Nature and Uses of Lotteries (1627) was the first systematic exposition of a modern view of lotteries, not just as a form of gambling, but as a fair method of division. Gataker approved of these…