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Robertson, Margaret E. - Communicating, Networking: Interacting, ebook

Communicating, Networking: Interacting

Robertson, Margaret E.


Changing Cultures: Changing Lives—Mobilising Social Media During a Health Crisis
Martha Kamara
5. Bridging the Digital Divide: Everyday Use of Mobile Phones Among Market Sellers in Papua New Guinea
George N. Curry, Elizabeth Dumu, Gina Koczberski

Miller, Daniel - Tales from Facebook, ebook

Tales from Facebook

Miller, Daniel


Yet until now there has been no major study of the impact of these social networking sites upon the lives of their users. This book demonstrates that it can be profound. The tales in this book reveal how Facebook can become the

Broadbent, Jeffrey - East Asian Social Movements, ebook

East Asian Social Movements

Broadbent, Jeffrey


The Duality of Social Systems and the Environmental Movement in Japan
Harutoshi Funabashi
3. A Comparative Study of Social Movements for a Post-nuclear Energy Era in Japan and the USA
Koichi Hasegawa
4. Collective

Lambin, Jean-Jacques - Rethinking the Market Economy, ebook

Rethinking the Market Economy

Lambin, Jean-Jacques


Table of contents
1. The Market Economy System in Question
Jean-Jacques Lambin
2. A Stabilized and Regulated Financial Market
Jean-Jacques Lambin
3. A Sustainable Economy
Jean-Jacques Lambin
4. A Green Economy
Jean-Jacques Lambin
5. An Innovative Economy
Jean-Jacques Lambin
6. A Global

Bures, Oldrich - Security Privatization, ebook

Security Privatization

Bures, Oldrich


Contributions of Private Businesses to the Provision of Security in the EU: Beyond Public-Private Partnerships
Oldrich Bures
3. Who Am I? The Blurring of the Private Military and Security Company (PMSC) Category
Berenike Prem
Part II. The Continuous