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Jozelić, Jasna - Education in Post-Conflict Transition, ebook

Education in Post-Conflict Transition

Jozelić, Jasna


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gorana Ognjenović, Jasna Jozelić
2. Changing Faces, Swapping Places: Oh Sister Where Art Thou?
Gorana Ognjenović
3. The Politicization of Education in Conflict -Affected Countries: The Legitimization of a Divided Society
Jasna Jozelić
4. Islamic Religious

Tesser, Lynn M. - Ethnic Cleansing and the European Union, ebook

Ethnic Cleansing and the European Union

Tesser, Lynn M.


Table of contents
Part I. Background and Theory
1. Introduction
Lynn M. Tesser
2. Concepts, Methods and an Explanatory Frame
Lynn M. Tesser
3. The Regime of Ethnic Separation
Lynn M. Tesser
Part II. Country Cases
4. Poland: Ethnic Separation in Extremis and EU Expansion
Lynn M. Tesser

Ervo, Laura - Current Trends in Preparatory Proceedings, ebook

Current Trends in Preparatory Proceedings

Ervo, Laura


The Preparatory Stage of Civil Proceedings in Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia: Halfway There Yet?
Aleš Galič
6. Preparatory Stage in the Baltic States: Similarities and Differences
Vigita Vėbraitė
7. Polish Civil Proceedings: Expanding

Hlepas, Nikolaos-Komninos - Sub-Municipal Governance in Europe, ebook

Sub-Municipal Governance in Europe

Hlepas, Nikolaos-Komninos


Sub-Municipal Units in Slovenia: Experiences from the Past and Policy Advice for the Future
Irena Bačlija Brajnik, Roman Lavtar
11. Rural and Urban Sub-municipal Governance in Spain: The Contrasting Worlds of Lilliput and Brobdingnag
Carmen Navarro, Esther

Fu, Yulin - Supreme Courts in Transition in China and the West, ebook

Supreme Courts in Transition in China and the West

Fu, Yulin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
C. H. (Remco) Rhee, Yulin Fu
2. The Chinese Supreme People’s Court in Transition
Yulin Fu
3. The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom: A Selective Tribunal with the Final Say on Most Matters
Neil Andrews
4. From Courts of Appeal to Courts of Precedent—Access to

Ansón, Silvia - Women on Corporate Boards and in Top Management, ebook

Women on Corporate Boards and in Top Management

Ansón, Silvia


Women’s Under-Representation in Top Management Jobs in Slovenia: New and Persisting Barriers for Younger Generations of Women
Aleksandra Kanjuo Mrčela, Barbara Lužar, Sonja Šmuc
11. Women in Management: The Hungarian Case
Beáta Nagy
12. Conclusions

Slootmaeckers, Koen - The EU Enlargement and Gay Politics, ebook

The EU Enlargement and Gay Politics

Slootmaeckers, Koen


Same-Sex Partnership Debate in Slovenia: Between Declarative Support and Lack of Political Will
Roman Kuhar, Metka Mencin Čeplak
Part III. Close-ups of the Western Balkans
8. The Struggle for Visibility and Equality: Bosnian LGBT Rights
Safia Swimelar