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Michael, Michális Stavrou - Resolving the Cyprus Conflict, ebook

Resolving the Cyprus Conflict

Michael, Michális Stavrou


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Cyprus Conflict
Michális Stavrou Michael
2. Identifying the Sources of the Conflict
Michális Stavrou Michael
3. A Prisoner’s Dilemma
Michális Stavrou Michael
4. Faltering UN Involvement

Abouaoun, Elie - Post-Conflict Power-Sharing Agreements, ebook

Post-Conflict Power-Sharing Agreements

Abouaoun, Elie


Comparative Post-conflict Power Sharing Models for Syria
Imad Salamey, Mohammed Abu-Nimer, Elie Abouaoun
2. Resolving Identity Conflict in the Middle East: A Theoretical Understanding
Chahine Ghais
3. Bridging Elite and Grassroots Initiatives: The Road

Trappl, Robert - Programming for Peace, ebook

Programming for Peace

Trappl, Robert


2002 Data Set Developing Cases and Indices of Conflict Management to Predict Conflict Resolution
Jacob Bercovitch, Robert Trappl
7. Events, Patterns, and Analysis Forecasting International Conflict in the Twenty-First Century

Richmond, Oliver P. - Palgrave Advances in Peacebuilding, ebook

Palgrave Advances in Peacebuilding

Richmond, Oliver P.


Training Goldfish (in a Desert): Transforming Political Economies of Conflict Using Voluntarism, Regulation and Supervision
Neil Cooper
Part 3. Developing Agendas
18. Culture: Challenges and Possibilities
Morgan Brigg
19. Gilding the Lily? International

Ambos, Kai - Building a Future on Peace and Justice, ebook

Building a Future on Peace and Justice

Ambos, Kai


Pursuing Justice in Ongoing Conflict: A Discussion of Current Practice
Thomas Unger, Marieke Wierda
12. Conflict Mediation and the ICC: Challenges and Options for Pursuing Peace with Justice at the Regional Level
Chandra Lekha Sriram
13. DDR and Reparations:

Alexander, Jeffrey C. - The Civil Sphere, ebook

The Civil Sphere

Alexander, Jeffrey C.


Discourses: Liberty and Repression Pure and Impure in Civil Discourse The Binary Structures of Motives The Binary Structures of Relationships The Binary Structures of Institutions Civil Narratives of Good and Evil Everyday Essentialism The Conflict over Representation