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Evans, Steven C. - The Contractor's NEC3 ECC Handbook, ebook

The Contractor's NEC3 ECC Handbook

Evans, Steven C.


NEC3 ECC is a process-based contract based on project management best practices. The basic philosophy behind it differs radically from the more adversarial approaches embodied by traditional contracts. While the NEC3 ECC

Küpers, Wendelin - ReThinking Management, ebook

ReThinking Management

Küpers, Wendelin


Uncertainty and Opportunity as Drivers for Re-Thinking Management: Future-oriented organizations by Going Beyond a Mechanistic Culture in Organizations
Markus F. Peschl, Thomas Fundneider
5. Cultural Projects in 2030: A

Kühl, Stefan - Projekte führen, ebook

Projekte führen

Kühl, Stefan


Grenzen und Möglichkeiten des Managements von Projekten zur Lösung schlecht definierter Probleme
Stefan Kühl

Ansón, Silvia - Women on Corporate Boards and in Top Management, ebook

Women on Corporate Boards and in Top Management

Ansón, Silvia


The Women on Boards in Europe Project: Aims, Methodology and Implications
Maria C. González Menéndez, Lara Martínez González
4. Gender Quotas for Corporate Boards in Norway: Innovative Gender Equality Policy
Mari Teigen
5. Surge Under Threat: The

Klee, Lukas - International Construction Contract Law, ebook

International Construction Contract Law

Klee, Lukas


The updated second edition of the practical guide to international construction contract law
The revised second edition of International Construction Contract Law is a comprehensive book that offers an understanding of the legal and managerial aspects of large international construction projects.

Chappell, David - The JCT Minor Works Building Contracts 2016, ebook

The JCT Minor Works Building Contracts 2016

Chappell, David


In summary, this fifth edition has been comprehensively revised and updated to: Ensure the discussion is easy to comprehend and use by busy architects and contractors Include a number of tables and flowcharts to assist in understanding the way the contract operates Include several letter templates that