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Taylor, Monica M. - The Obesity Epidemic, ebook

The Obesity Epidemic

Taylor, Monica M.


The Obesity Epidemic: Individual Accountability and the Social Determinants of Health
Monica M. Taylor
3. The Argument for Social Justice
Monica M. Taylor
4. The Political Economy Perspective
Monica M. Taylor
5. Policy Solutions

Aphramor, Lucy - Debating Obesity, ebook

Debating Obesity

Aphramor, Lucy


Introduction: Contesting Obesity Discourse and Presenting an Alternative
Emma Rich, Lee F. Monaghan, Lucy Aphramor
2. Does Fat Kill? A Critique of the Epidemiological Evidence
Paul Campos
3. Bodily Sensibility: Vocabularies of the Discredited Male Body

Loughrey, Anita - Healthy Schools, Healthy Lives, ebook

Healthy Schools, Healthy Lives

Loughrey, Anita


With childhood obesity hitting alarmingly high levels and given high profile in the media today, this book looks at what schools could and should be doing to tackle the problem. Research has shown there is a link between weight, lifestyle and attainment. This book will identify ideas and

Lemish, Dafna - Children and Media: A Global Perspective, ebook

Children and Media: A Global Perspective

Lemish, Dafna


Taking a global and interdisciplinary approach, Children and Media explores the role of modern media, including the internet, television, mobile media and video games, in the development of children, adolescents, and childhood.
Primer to global issues…

Bambra, Clare - How Politics Makes Us Sick, ebook

How Politics Makes Us Sick

Bambra, Clare


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Politics and Health
Ted Schrecker, Clare Bambra
2. Obesity: How Politics Makes Us Fat
Ted Schrecker, Clare Bambra
3. Insecurity: How Politics Gets Under Our Skin
Ted Schrecker, Clare Bambra
4. Austerity: How Politics Has Pulled Away Our Safety Net
Ted Schrecker,