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Earle, Lucy - Transgressive Citizenship and the Struggle for Social Justice, ebook

Transgressive Citizenship and the Struggle for Social Justice

Earle, Lucy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lucy Earle
2. Housing, Citizenship and the Right to the City
Lucy Earle
3. São Paulo: The Illegal City
Lucy Earle
4. Social Movements in Brazil: Democratization and Politicization
Lucy Earle
5. Fronting Up to the State: Constructing a ‘Politics of Rights’

Laursen, Finn - Designing the European Union, ebook

Designing the European Union

Laursen, Finn


The Treaty of Nice: The Inadequate Preparation of Enlargement
Finn Laursen
10. The Constitutional Treaty: The Failed Formal Constitutionalisation
Derek Beach
11. The Treaty of Lisbon: Constitutional Treaty, Episode II
Jacques Ziller
12. Conclusions:

Caldas-Coulthard, Carmen Rosa - Identity Trouble, ebook

Identity Trouble

Caldas-Coulthard, Carmen Rosa


’ ‘I’m nice.’ ‘I’m beautiful.’ Idealization and Contradiction in Female Psychiatric Patients’ Discourse
Branca Telles Ribeiro, Maria Tereza Lopes Dantas
Part 2. New Ways of Understanding Identity/Identities in Professional Settings
11. Shifting

Clarke, David - Remembering the German Democratic Republic, ebook

Remembering the German Democratic Republic

Clarke, David


‘The Era Has Passed, But it’s Nice to Remember’: Eastern Identifications with the GDR Past and Unified Germany
Claire Hyland
12. Remembering the Uprising of 17 June 1953
Richard Millington
Part V. Elite Memories
13. Red Radiation: East German

Boehle, Fritz - Arbeit als Subjektivierendes Handeln, ebook

Arbeit als Subjektivierendes Handeln

Boehle, Fritz


Subjektivierendes Arbeitshandeln – „Nice to have“ oder ein gesellschaftskritischer Blick auf „das Andere“ der Verwertung?
Fritz Böhle, Annegret Bolte, Judith Neumer, Sabine Pfeiffer, Stephanie Porschen, Tobias Ritter, Stefan Sauer, Daniela Wühr