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Heijer, Maarten den - Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2015, ebook

Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2015

Heijer, Maarten den


Table of contents
Part I. Jus Cogens: Quo Vadis?
1. Jus Cogens and the Humanization and Fragmentation of International Law
Maarten Heijer, Harmen Wilt
2. Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Jus Cogens
Dinah Shelton
3. Understanding the Jus Cogens Debate: The Pervasive Influence of Legal Positivism

Kaya, Ayhan - Islam, Migration and Integration, ebook

Islam, Migration and Integration

Kaya, Ayhan


The Netherlands: from Multiculturalism to Assimilation
Ayhan Kaya
6. Building Communities: Comfort in Purity
Ayhan Kaya
7. Accommodation of Islam: Individualization vs. Institutionalization
Ayhan Kaya
8. Conclusion: Transnationalizing Integration