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Parry, Emma - Managing an Age-Diverse Workforce, ebook

Managing an Age-Diverse Workforce

Parry, Emma


The Prism of Age: Managing Age Diversity in the Twenty-First-Century Workplace
Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, Christina Matz-Costa, Melissa Brown
7. The Impact of Generational Diversity on People Management
Emma Parry, Peter Urwin
Part III. The Employee’s

Stewart, James Melville - Managing for World Class Safety, ebook

Managing for World Class Safety

Stewart, James Melville


The questionnaire polled 700 people in the ten companies, "measuring" the level of more than twenty key elements such as: The workers’ perception of the priority given to safety The belief that all injuries can be prevented The extent to which line management takes

Düvell, Franck - Illegal Immigration in Europe, ebook

Illegal Immigration in Europe

Düvell, Franck


Documented and Undocumented Immigrant Workers in the UK: Changing Environments and Shifting Strategies
Franck Düvell, Bill Jordan
5. Managing Access to the German Labour Market: How Polish (Im)migrants Relate to German Opportunities and Restrictions

Erni, John Nguyet - Visuality, Emotions and Minority Culture, ebook

Visuality, Emotions and Minority Culture

Erni, John Nguyet


Negotiating Difference and Cultural Minoritization: Chinese Migrant Workers in Singapore’s Little India
Selvaraj Velayutham
5. Are There “Proper” Migrants? The Making of Affective Personhood Through Films by Migrants in South Korea
Hyun Mee Kim

Bergh, Sylvia I. - Migration, Gender and Social Justice, ebook

Migration, Gender and Social Justice

Bergh, Sylvia I.


2 From Breaking the Silence to Breaking the Chain of Social Injustice: Indonesian Women Migrant Domestic Workers in the United Arab Emirates
Sulistyowati Irianto, Thanh-Dam Truong
3. 3 From Temporary Work in Agriculture to Irregular Status in Domestic Service:

Spyridakis, Manos - Market Versus Society, ebook

Market Versus Society

Spyridakis, Manos


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Manos Spyridakis
2. Economy and Society, Neoliberal Reform and Economic Deviance
James G. Carrier
3. The Root of All Evil: Money, Markets, and the Prospects of Rewriting the Rules of the Game
Alf Hornborg
4. Managing Against the Odds: Economic Crisis, Bad Governance

Luckman, Susan - The New Normal of Working Lives, ebook

The New Normal of Working Lives

Luckman, Susan


Hope Labour Revisited: Post-socialist Creative Workers and Their Methods of Hope
Ana Alacovska
4. From Visual Discipline to Love-Work: The Feminising of Photographic Expertise in the Age of Social Media
Karen Cross
5. Creative Labour, Before and After