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Mah, Alice - Port Cities and Global Legacies, ebook

Port Cities and Global Legacies

Mah, Alice


Intergenerational Lessons from the Liverpool Dockers’ Strike: Rebuilding Solidarity in the Port
Alice Mah
6. Precarious Reforms and the Legacy of Struggle: The Dockers of Marseille-Fos
Alice Mah
7. Ruination and Recovery: Keeping the Longshoremen’s

Millward, Peter - The Global Football League, ebook

The Global Football League

Millward, Peter


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Global Football League
Peter Millward
2. The Network League: Global Brand Clubs, ‘Game 39’ and Transnational Spaces
Peter Millward
3. Overseas Ownership: Mobile Capital and the EPL
Peter Millward
4. ‘Traditional’ Fandom: ‘Signs’, Identities and Disillusionment

Fincham, Ben - Mobile Methodologies, ebook

Mobile Methodologies

Fincham, Ben


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ben Fincham, Mark McGuinness, Lesley Murray
Part I. Driving the Mobile
2. Contextualising and Mobilising Research
Lesley Murray
3. Mixing Methods in the Search for Mobile Complexity
Malene Freudendal-Pedersen, Katrine Hartmann-Petersen, Lise Drewes Nielsen
4. In-vivo

Petrie, Stephanie - Controversies in Policy Research, ebook

Controversies in Policy Research

Petrie, Stephanie


Table of contents
1. Policy Contexts, Consequences and Controversies
Stephanie Petrie
Section I. Justice
2. ’Victims’ and European Policy Initiatives: Symbolism or Meaningful Progress?
Sandra Walklate
3. Stalking - the Portuguese Case: Discursive Constructions of Stalking and Their Implications