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Bauman, Zygmunt - The Art of Life, ebook

The Art of Life

Bauman, Zygmunt

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In our individualized society we are all artists of life – whether we know it or not, will it or not and like it or not, by decree of society if not by our own choice. In this society we are all expected, rightly or wrongly, to give our lives purpose

Culpepper, Pepper D. - Changing France, ebook

Changing France

Culpepper, Pepper D.


Social Generations, Life Chances and Welfare Regime Sustainability
Louis Chauvel
8. The Government of the European Union and a Changing France
Andy Smith
9. The Ongoing March of Decentralisation within the Post-Jacobin State
Patrick Galès

Robinson, Peter - The Changing World of Gay Men, ebook

The Changing World of Gay Men

Robinson, Peter


Table of contents
1. Collecting and Understanding Gay Life Stories
Peter Robinson
2. The Coming-out Stories of the Old Cohort
Peter Robinson
3. The Coming-out Stories of the Middle Cohort
Peter Robinson
4. The Coming-out Stories of the Young Cohort
Peter Robinson
5. The ‘Scene’

Bernardi, Laura - Lone Parenthood in the Life Course, ebook

Lone Parenthood in the Life Course

Bernardi, Laura


Lone Young Parenthood by Choice? Life Stories in Great Britain
Fabienne Portier-Le Cocq
5. Variety of Transitions into Lone Parenthood
Laura Bernardi, Ornella Larenza
Part II. Demographics of Lone Parents
6. Are Lone Mothers Also Lonely Mothers?

Fahey, Tony - Quality of Life in Ireland, ebook

Quality of Life in Ireland

Fahey, Tony


Gender, Work–Life Balance and Quality of Life
Frances McGinnity, Helen Russell, Emer Smyth
13. The Impact of Immigration
Gerard Hughes, Frances McGinnity, Philip O’Connell, Emma Quinn
14. Crime and its Consequences
Ian O’Donnell
15. Soaring

Sirgy, M. Joseph - Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases V, ebook

Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases V

Sirgy, M. Joseph


Comprehensive Local Community Development via Collaborative Quality of Life Planning: Best Practices from Two San Diego Neighborhoods
Mirle Rabinowitz Bussell, Kerry Sheldon
2. Developing and Sustaining a Community Information System for Central Indiana: SAVI

Warren, Jonathan - Industrial Teesside, Lives and Legacies, ebook

Industrial Teesside, Lives and Legacies

Warren, Jonathan


Changing Industry, Transforming Lives: Social and Cultural Legacies
Jonathan Warren
6. Two Teessides?—A Legacy of Inequalities
Jonathan Warren
7. Conclusion: Place, People and the Post-Industrial
Jonathan Warren