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Gwynn, Maria A. - Power in the International Investment Framework, ebook

Power in the International Investment Framework

Gwynn, Maria A.


Relative Power in the Regulation of International Investments at the Multilateral Level
Maria A. Gwynn
4. BITs in Practice: An Empirical and Comparative Analysis of South American Countries’ BITs
Maria A. Gwynn
5. Governments’ Intentions and Reasons

Paus, Eva - Foreign Investment, Development, and Globalization, ebook

Foreign Investment, Development, and Globalization

Paus, Eva


Foreign Direct Investment in the Global Age: New Opportunities for Development?
Eva Paus
2. High-Tech FDI-Led Growth in Small Latecomers: An Analytical Framework
Eva Paus
3. The Rise of the Celtic Tiger
Eva Paus
4. The Development of Knowledge-Based

Möller, Jutta C. - Real Estate Investments in Germany, ebook

Real Estate Investments in Germany

Möller, Jutta C.


Table of contents
1. Zoning Law
Jutta C. Möller
2. Building Regulations
Jutta C. Möller
3. Profitability Aspects of the Investment
Marcel Abel, Michael Mütze
4. Financing and Securities
Carsten Hoth
5. Purchase Contract
Thomas Senff
6. Design and Project Management
Borris Richrath

Roeder, Richard W. - Foreign Mining Investment Law, ebook

Foreign Mining Investment Law

Roeder, Richard W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Richard W. Roeder
2. May I Invest? The Question of the Admission of Foreign Investments
Richard W. Roeder
3. How to Set Up? The Question of Corporate Structure Requirements
Richard W. Roeder
4. Mine or Not? The Question of Ownership of Minerals and Mineral Rights