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Polley, Jason S. - Cultural Conflict in Hong Kong, ebook

Cultural Conflict in Hong Kong

Polley, Jason S.


Hong Kong Paradox: Appearance and Disappearance in Western Cinema
Tammy Lai-Ming Ho
5. Hong Kong Diversity in Anglophone Children’s Fiction
Marija Todorova
6. Ann Hui’s Allegorical Cinema
Jessica Siu-Yin

Lo, Sonny - Hong Kong’s Indigenous Democracy, ebook

Hong Kong’s Indigenous Democracy

Lo, Sonny


Historical Origins of the Hong Kong Model of Democracy and Interactions with the China Factor
Sonny Lo
3. The Dual Development of Rule of Law and Judicial Independence
Sonny Lo
4. The Role of Independent Agencies

Wong, Mathew Y. H. - Comparative Hong Kong Politics, ebook

Comparative Hong Kong Politics

Wong, Mathew Y. H.


Table of contents
Part I. What is Comparative Hong Kong Politics?
1. Comparative Politics: An Introduction
Mathew Y. H. Wong
2. Methods in Comparative Politics
Mathew Y. H. Wong
3. Hong Kong Politics: An Overview
Mathew Y. H. Wong
Part II. Political Regime
4. State
Mathew Y. H. Wong

Jiang, Shigong - China’s Hong Kong, ebook

China’s Hong Kong

Jiang, Shigong


Table of contents
1. Reflection(s) on “Administrative Absorption of Politics”
Shigong Jiang
2. Silent Bitterness
Shigong Jiang
3. The Walled City of Kowloon and the University of Hong Kong
Shigong Jiang
4. The Art of Empire
Shigong Jiang
5. Oceanic Thinking from a Continental Base

Cheung, Nicole Wai-ting - Psychoactive Drug Abuse in Hong Kong, ebook

Psychoactive Drug Abuse in Hong Kong

Cheung, Nicole Wai-ting


Table of contents
1. Changes of the Drug Scene in Hong Kong
Yuet Wah Cheung, Nicole Wai-ting Cheung
2. A Longitudinal Survey of Psychoactive Drug Abusers in Hong Kong
Yuet Wah Cheung, Nicole Wai-ting Cheung
3. Socio-demographic and Psychosocial Correlates of Drug Use
Yuet Wah Cheung, Nicole Wai-ting Cheung

Fong, Brian C.H. - Hong Kong 20 Years after the Handover, ebook

Hong Kong 20 Years after the Handover

Fong, Brian C.H.


Financialization and Economic Inequality in Hong Kong: The Cost of the Finance-led Growth Regime
Kim Ming Lee, Benny Ho Pong To, Kar Ming Yu
7. Unequal Vulnerability to Social Risks: Analysis of Hong