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Clarke, Jamie - Talking Climate, ebook

Talking Climate

Clarke, Jamie


A More Holistic Approach to Behaviour Change
Adam Corner, Jamie Clarke
6. New Voices to Diversify the Climate Discourse
Adam Corner, Jamie Clarke
7. Five Principles and a Model for Public Engagement
Adam Corner, Jamie Clarke

Mitra, Ashim - Advanced Drug Delivery, ebook

Advanced Drug Delivery

Mitra, Ashim


Offering a holistic view of the development of drug delivery systems, Advanced Drug Delivery presents the essential aspects necessary to understand and apply for effective drug delivery fundamentals, including practical issues, integration of pharmaceutics, and molecular biology. A suitable

Bastow, Simon - Governance, Performance, and Capacity Stress, ebook

Governance, Performance, and Capacity Stress

Bastow, Simon


A More Holistic Governance-Style Approach
Simon Bastow
4. Performance and Capacity in a Managerialist Era
Simon Bastow
5. Measuring and Setting Capacity Standards
Simon Bastow
6. Senior Ministers and the Limits of Their Influence to Resolve

Button, Mark - Doing Security, ebook

Doing Security

Button, Mark


Creating a Model Holistic Security System
Mark Button
7. Making it Never Happen
Mark Button
8. Making the Last Resort Count
Mark Button
9. Rebuilding the Foundations of Security
Mark Button
Part IV. Concluding Comments
10. Concluding

Wong, Mathew Y. H. - Comparative Hong Kong Politics, ebook

Comparative Hong Kong Politics

Wong, Mathew Y. H.


Table of contents
Part I. What is Comparative Hong Kong Politics?
1. Comparative Politics: An Introduction
Mathew Y. H. Wong
2. Methods in Comparative Politics
Mathew Y. H. Wong
3. Hong Kong Politics: An Overview
Mathew Y. H. Wong
Part II. Political Regime
4. State
Mathew Y. H. Wong