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Barr, Margaret J. - Budgets and Financial Management in Higher Education, ebook

Budgets and Financial Management in Higher Education

Barr, Margaret J.


In today's challenging economic climate, college and university administrators need reliable financial advice for helping their institutions thrive. Thoroughly revised and updated, this book is designed to help new administrators understand and become more proficient in their financial

Andenas, Mads - Regulating and Supervising European Financial Markets, ebook

Regulating and Supervising European Financial Markets

Andenas, Mads


The European System of Financial Supervision as Originally Introduced from the Institutional Perspective: Selected Aspects from the European, Comparative Law and Economic View
2. The European Securities and Markets Authority and Its Regulatory Mission: A Plea for

Hughes, Owen E. - Public Management and Administration, ebook

Public Management and Administration

Hughes, Owen E.


Public Management and Administration An Introduction In recent years there has been a transformation in the management of the public sector. The rigid, bureaucratic form of public administration which dominated for most of the twentieth century has

Panayides, P.M. - Shipping Operations Management, ebook

Shipping Operations Management

Panayides, P.M.


Managing Financial Resources in Shipping
Manolis G. Kavussanos, I. D. Visvikis, Ioannis Alexopoulos
8. Maritime Energy Management
Aykut Ölçer, Raphael Baumler, Fabio Ballini, Momoko Kitada
9. Safety and Security in Shipping Operations

Nelson, Stephen L. - QuickBooks 2014 All-in-One For Dummies, ebook

QuickBooks 2014 All-in-One For Dummies

Nelson, Stephen L.


Keep your budget on track and your business booming with QuickBooks 2014 All-in-One For Dummies!
QuickBooks is your one-stop shop for taking care of all those financial chores that are essential to keep your small business up and running, and this all-in-one guide makes

Lambin, Jean-Jacques - Rethinking the Market Economy, ebook

Rethinking the Market Economy

Lambin, Jean-Jacques


Table of contents
1. The Market Economy System in Question
Jean-Jacques Lambin
2. A Stabilized and Regulated Financial Market
Jean-Jacques Lambin
3. A Sustainable Economy
Jean-Jacques Lambin
4. A Green Economy
Jean-Jacques Lambin
5. An Innovative Economy
Jean-Jacques Lambin
6. A Global

Thompson, Helen - Oil and the Western Economic Crisis, ebook

Oil and the Western Economic Crisis

Thompson, Helen


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Helen Thompson
2. The Spectres of Peak Conventional Oil and Stagflation
Helen Thompson
3. Salvation and Damnation: The Rise of Non-conventional Oil and Quantitative Easing
Helen Thompson