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Gray, Jonathan - A Companion to Media Authorship, ebook

A Companion to Media Authorship

Gray, Jonathan


A Companion to Media Authorship offers 28 groundbreaking chapters which investigate the practices, attributions, and meanings of authorship. Revitalizing the study within media and cultural studies, this diverse and global collection provides the definitive

Hassler-Forest, Dan - The Politics of Adaptation, ebook

The Politics of Adaptation

Hassler-Forest, Dan


Adapting Authorship: Politics and Convergence
5. Emerging from Converging Cultures: Circulation, Adaptation, and Value
Timothy Corrigan
6. Transmediality and the Politics of Adaptation: Concepts, Forms, and Strategies
Jens Eder
7. Bastards and Pirates,

Jones, Darryl - It Came From the 1950s!, ebook

It Came From the 1950s!

Jones, Darryl


Genre, Special Effects and Authorship in the Critical Reception of Science Fiction Film and Television during the 1950s
Mark Jancovich, Derek Johnston
7. Hammer’s Dracula
Christopher Frayling
8. Fast Cars and

Proudfit, Scott - Women, Collective Creation, and Devised Performance, ebook

Women, Collective Creation, and Devised Performance

Proudfit, Scott


Monstrous Regiment: The Gendered Politics of Collaboration, Writing, and Authorship in the UK from the 1970s Onwards
Sarah Sigal
Part III. Third Wave, 1985–Present
12. Judith Malina and the Living Theatre: Storming the Barricades and Creating Collectively