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Khan, Nyla Ali - The Parchment of Kashmir, ebook

The Parchment of Kashmir

Khan, Nyla Ali


Cultural Syncretism and Deconstruction of a Monolithic Culture
4. Mystical Thought of Kashmir
M. H. Zaffar
5. Syncretic Tradition and the Creative Life: Some Kashmiri Mystic Poets
Neerja Mattoo
Part III. Conceptualization of Sovereignty, Democratic

Compton, Robert W. - Imagining Globalization, ebook

Imagining Globalization

Compton, Robert W.


Construction, Deconstruction, and Reconstruction of State Legitimacy in South Africa and Japan
Robert W. Compton
12. Searching for Semantics in Music: A Global Discourse
Orlando Legname
13. Human Movements: Consequences to Global Biogeography

Darics, Erika - Digital Business Discourse, ebook

Digital Business Discourse

Darics, Erika


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Business Communication in the Digital Age — Fresh Perspectives
Erika Darics
Part I. New Technologies: New Modes of Communication
2. “Don’t Even Get Me Started…”: Interactive Metadiscourse in Online Consumer Reviews
Camilla Vásquez
3. Social CEOs: Tweeting as

Hu, Yi - Rural Health Care Delivery, ebook

Rural Health Care Delivery

Hu, Yi


A Farewell to the “Sick Man of East Asia”: The Irony, Deconstruction, and Reshaping of the Metaphor
Yi Hu
Part V. “China’s Road”: The Cooperative Medical Services
13. “To Put the Emphasis of Medical Care on the Countryside”
Yi Hu

Hayden, Patrick - Confronting Globalization, ebook

Confronting Globalization

Hayden, Patrick


Just Deconstruction? Derrida and Global Ethics
James Brassett, Federico Merke
5. Empowering the Powerful, Enriching the Rich: On Neoliberalism, Economic Globalization and Social Criticism
Barry Smart
6. Tricky Business: Challenging Risk Theory and its

Knott, Sarah - Women, Gender and Enlightenment, ebook

Women, Gender and Enlightenment

Knott, Sarah


The Deconstruction of Gender: Seventeenth-Century Feminism and Modern Equality
Siep Stuurman
25. ‘Neither Male, Nor Female’: Rational Equality in the Early Spanish Enlightenment
Mónica Bolufer Peruga
26. Introduction
Barbara Taylor